Law Enforcement UAS Applications

Law Enforcement

UAV€™s are here to stay and with the new FAA regulations you will find it easier than ever before to deploy these effective systems. Law enforcement agencies around the world are finding the capabilities of aerial based thermal imaging solutions invaluable to their day to day operations. From identifying hidden threats to surveilling property or criminal suspects UAVs will expand your department’s capabilities. Responder Drones with a staff of LETA (Law Enforcement Thermographers Association) certified thermograpers will assist your agency in selecting the correct system for your mission.


Would you benefit from affordable aerial surveillance? UAV€™s provide immediate on demand aerial thermal imaging at a fraction of the cost for a maned aircraft. UAV€™s can be deployed by one person in a matter of moments to provide 360-degree surveillance of a suspicious subject or location.

Drug Interdiction

UAV€™s have been deployed during many drug interdiction operations. From surveying property and subjects to identifying hidden drug production facilities UAV€™s are becoming common place. When deployed with a FLIR thermal imaging system you have the ability to identify hidden compartments in vehicles or structures, identify indoor and outdoor grow operations, locate clandestine drug labs and much more.

Active Shooter Identification

UAV€™s are proving invaluable during active shooter incidents. Agencies can use UAV€™s to locate and track the active shooters, deliver communication devices to the suspect and even deliver less then lethal munitions all without ever placing officers in the line of fire.

Crime Scene Documentation and Forensics

Agencies are using UAV€™s to document and preserve crime scene evidence. Aerial photography is an invaluable tool for court proceedings and can provide both visual and IR evidence for later action. UAV™s can also enter crime scenes that may not be accessible to the officer or otherwise unsafe to enter and provide critical evidence needed for a successful prosecution.

Accident Scene Reconstruction

MVA™s take time and leave commerce at a standstill until the investigation is completed. Deploying a UAV will give you the ability to quickly and accurately document the entire scene in stunning 4k video or High Definition Thermal Imaging. With the use of FLIR Tools€ software you can actually take measurements directly from the images collected and do it all from the safety of your office. UAV™s will have that roadway open in no time.

Traffic Enforcement & Monitoring

OUI/DWI checkpoints are great opportunities for UAV deployments. UAV€™s can provide important information to the ground officers, including identifying drivers that may try to avoid the operation, checkpoint security , and evidence collection. When deployed with a thermal imaging system UAV™s can identify hidden compartments or hidden explosive devices in vehicles.

Crowd Control & Monitoring

UAV€™s provide unmatched crowd surveillance, giving the agency the ability to monitor in real time the movements and mood of incidents along with providing excellent video evidence for future criminal prosecutions.

Non-Lethal Munition Deployment

Some agencies have attached Less than Lethal systems to UAV€™s giving them ability to remotely deliver OC or tear gas to barricaded suspects. Others have LtL systems for crowd control measures. It is important to note that “weaponizing domestic UAV€™s€ even with LtL munitions, will alarm and frighten the general public and should only be undertaken with due concertation of possible political fallout and legal challenges.

Special Response Team Missions (SRT, SWAT, ERT, HRT)

In a post 911 world we have asked more and more of our special response teams, everything from traditional missions to anti-terror missions can benefit from the deployment of a UAV. UAV€™s provide valuable but affordable air support for your team activations. UAV€™s can be deployed and streaming live data all within moments of arriving on scene providing responding officers critical information.

Explosive Ordnance Identification & Disposal (EOD Teams)

Suspicious package? Send a drone a UAV€™s can provide excellent scene awareness and evidence collection all without sending a person into harm™s way. Deploying a UAV can provide the agency with real time streaming data on the package and if equipped with a FLIR thermal imaging system can even identify potential power sources and other important markings or electronic equipment.

Immigration and Border Protection

UAV€™s are commonly deployed all over the world for immigration and border patrol activities. UAV€™s provide inexpensive and on demand air support for agents on the ground and can be deployed from rugged back country locations in a matter of moments.

VIP Protection Details/Mission

VIP details can be improved by incorporating a UAV into your operations. UAV™s can identify potential risks and provide aerial surveillance for ground personnel.

CBRN/WMD Attacks

In the wake of a WMD attack or other large scale incident UAVs have capabilities that will prove invaluable. UAV™s can deliver medicine and supplies to hard hit or contaminated areas, provide environmental censoring, search and rescue operations, aerial photography for emergency funding and much more.

Intelligence Gathering

UAV€™s give operators the ability to stand off€ and surveil subjects or suspicious locations in complete security from over a mile away. When deployed with a thermal imaging system UAV€™s can provide valuable intelligence that otherwise would be unseen by visual systems. Thermal Imagers can identify out of place heat anomalies that can indicate drug manufacturing or other illegal or illicit behaviors.

Environmental Law Enforcement

UAV technology has become common for many environmental operations. UAV™s give the agency surveillance and monitoring capabilities along with evidence collection during investigations. UAV€™s can be deployed from the side of the roadway to investigate industrial sites for violations and can collect and record evidence for future legal action. When deployed with a FLIR Thermal Imaging System UAV€™s can identify hazardous materials being dumped in bodies of water or vented to the atmosphere.

Search and Rescue

Walkaways and missing person calls are frustrating and can take much effort and many assets from your agency. A UAV is the quickest, most effective and most affordable way of locating a missing or lost person. When deployed with a FLIR Thermal Imaging System the UAV can complete these missions in total darkness or heavy smoke conditions.

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