Fire Service UAS Applications

Fire Service

UAV™s are already becoming commonplace on fire grounds. With the new FAA regulations making it easy and cost-effective to develop and support your own UAV program, we expect these systems will become essential tools in the fire service. Common operations include Fire Ground Management, Water Rescue, Fire Command and Control, Wildland Search and Rescue, and much more!

Missing or Lost Persons

By utilizing Aerial UAV systems, you will be able to drastically reduce required assets and personnel. You will also be able to complete your mission dramatically quicker than traditional search methods. When paired with a high definition Thermal Imager, even victims obscured by darkness, hidden by brush, or otherwise concealed from visual sight will be easily found and identified.

Structural Firefighting

Aerial UAV systems can be deployed for fire scene management, providing incident command aerial images for apparatus placement, firefighter safety hazards, structural conditions, potential collapse hazards, suppression effectiveness, and much more. When paired with a FLIR high definition thermal imager, this tool becomes indispensable for fire attack and stream placement, giving command the ability to see the fire within the structure as it progresses.


UAV€™s are becoming commonplace at many forestry incidents. Chances are this will be your first experience with Drone UAV technology. Deploying UAV€™s for forestry or brush operations will provide you with the ability to clearly see the head and flanks of the fire, location, size and how the fire has progressed. This information is invaluable for proper fire line placement and asset appropriation. Using a UAV system will assist you in locating obscured or hidden bodies of water for drafting, provide detailed access road conditions for your inbound apparatus, and provide a complete scene awareness like never before.

Water Rescue

UAV€™s will change your approach to water rescue. UAV™s are rapidly deployed to effectively search a large body of water immediately upon arrival. A UAV can complete the search, locate the victim, and even deliver a PFD or tag line for victim retrieval. While the boats are being launched and the lights are going up, your UAV will already have the victim in sight. When deployed with the FLIR thermal imaging system, you will be able to easily locate any victim above the water surface in complete darkness or even if they have been obscured by brush or other debris.


If there ever was a mission that was made for UAV€™s, hazmat would be the winner. UAV€™s can be deployed during hazmat incidents to enter the hazardous environment and transmit critical data back to command. UAV€™s can provide the user visual information to identify the product, placards, containment conditions, etc. Paired with a High Definition Thermal Imager, the mission is expanded to include venting gasses, chemical reactions and fluid spills. UAV€™s are a must-have for your hazmat operations.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can leave your community scarred and unmanageable. By deploying UAV€™s after these events, you will have the ability to record and transmit debris field information for FEMA funding, identify areas that have been affected, view road conditions for rescue and recovery operations and much more. Deployed immediately after the event, the UAV can assist in search and rescue operations as well as deliver lifesaving supplies to hard-hit areas. Why wait for the air wing when you can launch from your backyard?

Pre Planning/Code Enforcement

Why pay for aerial photography when you can do it yourself? You can fly and record all buildings in town for high definition pre plans, identify hydrant locations, community hazards, potential drafting sights and much more. UAV€™s have been deployed for code enforcement, eliminating the need to climb structures or inspect rooftop appliances.

Fire Investigation

UAV€™s give fire investigators the ability to enter and document condemned structures. With the addition of a high definition thermal imager, you may find indicators of arson such as accelerant use. UAV€™s are great tools to efficiently complete your investigation and they provide excellent evidence for court proceedings.

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