Commercial UAS Applications


Commercial UAV applications are certainly the most diverse and constantly evolving part of the market today. At Responder Drones we specialize in high definition thermal imaging solutions for commercial applications. Our staff of thermographers are certified experts in thermal imaging and can assist you in your product selections. Many industries can benefit from Infrared UAV Systems. Oil and Gas, HVAC, Utility Providers, Alternative Energy, Land Management, and Environmental Research are just a few that are already deploying UAV€™s.

Oil and Gas

The petroleum industries have already widely deployed UAV™s for many different applications. Some of these uses include gas and oil exploration, Geographic land surveys, mineral exploration, overheated equipment, and to monitor and detect pipeline leaks. UAV€™s can provide affordable and on demand solutions for many of the challenges you face today.


With millions of miles of high tension lines needing to be inspected UAV€™s have become the go-to solution for many in this industry. Manned aircraft are expensive to operate and difficult to schedule. UAV€™s can provide affordable on demand aerial surveys or inspections in a matter of moments. When deployed with FLIR Thermal Imaging Systems you can identify over-heating or failed equipment, inspect transformers and insulators and survey sub stations for anomalies, and facility integrity.

Alternative Energy

UAV™s can provide High Definitions Visual and Thermal data for infrastructure inspections. UAV€™s are being used to inspect wind farms and hydroelectric facilities eliminating the need to risk personnel with traditional inspection procedures. When deployed with a FLIR Thermal Imaging System UAV™s can be used to inspect solar farms to identify failing panels and non-absorbing cells. UAV™s are an affordable and on demand solution for solar energy site assessments.


UAV™s are becoming common on construction sites across the country. UAV€™s are being deployed for pre-site surveys, before and after photography, and delivering lead lines or materials to elevated work sites. When deployed with a FLIR Thermal Imager the UAV can identify water damage hidden by building construction, hidden storm damage, overheating roof top appliances, hidden electrical problems, insulation conditions, and hidden damage to roofs. UAVs are indispensable on large construction projects.


UAV€™s have changed the way we inspect tall structures and hard to access equipment. UAV€™s provide stunning UHD 4k visual images and High Definition Thermal Imaging for easy and safe inspections. No need to climb the tower or find the roof hatch. UAV€™s can complete these missions quickly and effectively without ever placing someone in danger. When deployed with a thermal imager you can identify over heating or failing equipment immediately and schedule a repair or replacement to reduce equipment down time.


UAV€™s are being deployed for many different environmental missions. Some of these applications are land mapping, waterway monitoring and management, conservation, carbon capping, drought management, and land management. UAV€™s deployed with Thermal Imaging Systems can provide enhanced abilities to determine drought conditions, plant health, water contaminates, and hazardous pollution. UAV™s are essential for environmental monitoring and protection.

Wildlife Management

UAV€™s outfitted with High Definition Thermal Imaging Systems can provide wildlife researchers or protection agencies an unmatched solution to tracking and monitoring wildlife, prevent poaching, and research endangered species. You can locate animals and discover hidden habitats all in a matter of moments by utilizing a UAV with the FLIR Thermal Imaging System.

Agricultural & Land management

UAV€™s are being used in many different applications these include monitoring irrigation equipment, herd tacking and activity levels, weed identification, variable-rate fertility, predator identification and protection, drought conditions and many more.

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