Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV’s) are rapidly becoming indispensable tools for First Responders. Every day public safety agencies are deploying these systems to support their ground operations. There are many different systems with very different capabilities, responder drones with our staff of highly experienced First Responders and LETA certified thermographers can provide guidance for your agency as you begin to navigate the UAV world. Please feel free to contact our support team for more information.

Fire Service

UAV€™s are already becoming common place on the fire grounds. With the new FAA regulations making it easy and cost effective to develop and support your own UAV program we expect these systems will become essential tools in the fire service. Common operations include; Fire Ground Management, Water Rescue ,Fire Command and Control, Wildland Search and Rescue and much more…

Law Enforcement

UAV€™s are here to stay and with the new FAA regulations you will find it easier than ever before to deploy these effective systems. Law enforcement agencies around the world are finding the capabilities of aerial based thermal imaging solutions invaluable to their day to day operations. From identifying hidden threats to surveilling property or criminal suspects UAVs will expand your departments capabilities. Responder Drones with a staff of LETA (Law Enforcement Thermographers Association) certified thermograpers will assist your agency in selecting the correct system for your mission.


Commercial UAV applications are certainly the most diverse and constantly evolving part of the market today. At responder drones we specialize in high definition thermal imaging solutions for commercial applications. Our staff of thermographers are certified experts in thermal imaging and can assist you in your product selections. Many industries can benefit from Inferred UAV Systems. Oil and Gas, HVAC, Utility Providers, Alternative Energy, Land Management, Environmental Research are just a few that are already deploying UAV€™s.

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